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We are a Coumadin clinic

Blood-clotting diseases often need careful, close attention, and we are here for you as a Coumadin clinic. We can monitor your blood thinning medication here.

Contact us for any questions you have about our same-day emergency care services.


A wide variety of services

Internal Medicine Associates Of Florence PC has a list of services that are performed by our doctors at our location.


Services, including X-rays, laboratory testing done on-site, bone density tests, and general internal medicine are offered by our experienced team of doctors.

Serving your medical needs

You will always see your doctor for every appointment you have.

  • X-rays

  • Laboratory testing

  • Bone density testing

  • Internal medicine

We offer medical tests

  • Treatment for any infection

  • Physicals

  • TB tests

  • Vaccines

  • Treatment of chronic conditions